Hi everyone,

Greetings from cold Brisbane.

Officially, spring should be upon us here, but the final days of winter have made their presence felt. It’s cold here. :=)

One week to go before our showcase event! I am all excited for all of you.

In preparation for that unforgettable event, I want to “iron out” some important details:

1. I have pasted on this message, the final programme. Kindly check, whether I have spelled your name right and whether I have used the correct title of your presentation. If I do not hear from you by the Close of Business (COB), Friday, 24th of August. I will assume that I have reflected your details correctly.

2. Carefully check your names in the attached final programme. These are the same names that I will use for your UQ Certificates.

That’s all for now!

All the best!


Education Roundtable – 31 August – Jakarta (23082018)